Colorado Teen Drivers Ed License |
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Colorado Teen Drivers Ed License

How do I get my license?

Now that you have had your permit for a minimum of 12 months, are armed with the knowledge from our course, and have completed the necessary behind-the-wheel training, you’re ready to apply for your license! First, double check that you have completed all the steps to getting your license. Next, check with the DMV to see what you need to bring with you for your test. There are several required items, including a fee, so make sure you prepare in advance. Don’t forget to make an appointment and show up on time with all required documents ready to go. Once you pass your test, as we’re confident you will, remember that you aren’t entirely free and you still have some restrictions. Keep in mind the fines and points for various offenses. Most importantly, please STAY SAFE and don’t be a statistic.