Fun Facts About Driving - Great Facts & Infographics For All Drivers
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Drivers Ed Fun Facts

Ever wonder what states hand out the most tickets? Well, this infographic is for you and includes a color-coded map of the United States indicating the relative number of speeding tickets issued in each state.

Have you ever been annoyed by a driver who stays in the left-hand lane while other motorists are passing on the right?  As well as being inconsiderate, it's also dangerous! And in most states it is required by law for slower cars to move to the right. For all of those who have been annoyed by "left lane campers", this infoghraphic is for you.

Traffic violations vary greatly in scope and their impact is often misunderstood. Here we present the major violations that can put your safety at risk as well as catch the attention of police. Avoiding these situations can make you a safer driver and keep you out of trouble with the law.

When is the most dangerous time to be on the road? According to our sources October is the most dangerous month for new driver car accidents with reports noting a 15% increase in incidents compared to other months! Check out all the information in this infographic and maybe heeding the statistics could help keep you safe.