Driving Tips and Behind The Wheel Training Online
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Driving Tip Collection

Driving Tip Library For Students

Our driving tip library includes both instructional videos and textual tips. The driving tip library can be used as a supplement to driver's ed for those starting to learn the art of driving. Driving a vehicle safely takes good instruction coupled with a lot of practice. Novice drivers should review each of these tips several times during their learning period in order to become a safe driver.

Driving Tip Library For Experienced Drivers

In addition, experienced drivers can gain skills in various areas which can result in safer driving. For example, many experienced drivers were never taught the correct way to adjust their mirrors and we have an instructional video providing the correct method. This and several of the videos from the instructional library can be used by experienced drivers to increase their skills in critical areas of vehicle operation.

Please enjoy the use of these driving tips at any time as they are provided free of charge and available for everyone to use. Our goal at igottadrive.com is to increase driver safety by providing training and technology to the driving community at large.

It's "Back to School" time of the year. Its been a long summer and remembering the rules pertaining to schools can be long forgotten. And everyone is out of practice driving around schools and school buses. This video is for new drivers as well as a good refresher for experienced drivers. 

Properly stopping at an intersection or other critical road juncture is something covered in all drivers ed courses. However failure to properly stop is one of the main reasons for failing the drive test. Before taking the drive test, make sure to review this video in preparation.

Improper yielding is one of the key reasons people fail the drive test for their license. This video reinforces proper yielding that was covered in online driver's ed and is worth viewing prior to taking the drive test.

Proper lane use is key to safe driving and an item heavily covered in online driver's ed. After viewing this video, you can also check out our blog articles on left lane campers and new laws on slower traffic keeping to the right. You can also check out our infographic on moving to the right.

Making a U-Turn is one of items covered in driver's ed and when done properly, is a safe and effective maneuver. This driving tip video covers the basics of making a U-Turn with emphasis on the actions that can make this a safe maneuver.