Driving Tips and Behind The Wheel Training Online
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Driving Tip Collection

Driving Tip Library For Students

Our driving tip library includes both instructional videos and textual tips. The driving tip library can be used as a supplement to driver's ed for those starting to learn the art of driving. Driving a vehicle safely takes good instruction coupled with a lot of practice. Novice drivers should review each of these tips several times during their learning period in order to become a safe driver.

Driving Tip Library For Experienced Drivers

In addition, experienced drivers can gain skills in various areas which can result in safer driving. For example, many experienced drivers were never taught the correct way to adjust their mirrors and we have an instructional video providing the correct method. This and several of the videos from the instructional library can be used by experienced drivers to increase their skills in critical areas of vehicle operation.

Please enjoy the use of these driving tips at any time as they are provided free of charge and available for everyone to use. Our goal at igottadrive.com is to increase driver safety by providing training and technology to the driving community at large.

It is commonly taught that you should check your mirrors every 5-7 seconds, which is a good starting point. However, this advice doesn't cover how to actually check your mirrors. Believe it or not, most people do not correctly adjust their mirrors nor do they know the correct method for checking their mirrors once properly adjusted. Unfortunately their drivers ed failed them, but never fear, we can help. The real purpose of using your mirrors is to know what is around you car at all times.

This instructional video is from our collection of driving tips and features how to navigate roundabouts. In some parts of the country roundabouts are still very new and may not be covered in drivers education. However, there is no doubt that roundabouts move traffic more efficiently and are safer than traditional traffic intersections. For those who have not encountered roundabout previously, they can be a bit daunting.

One of the most vital safety devices in your vehicle are your mirrors. Traffic situations change rapidly and keeping on top of this changing environment takes vigilant use of properly adjusted mirrors. Also keep in mind that using your mirrors is a skill and as such should be practiced until you are comfortable with this new setup. Given most drivers ed courses don't teach proper mirror setup, follow this procedure and you'll be a safer driver.

This driving tip suggests a very simple ritual, known as "The Walkaround", that you can perform prior to getting into your car. As taught in drivers education, it is important to ensure your car is ready to go before you start your journey. There are so many examples of costly damage and / or bodily injury that could have been avoided by this simple 30 second action that its definitely worth the effort. We suggest you make "The Walkaround" part of your daily driving ritual.

There is little in your driving life more annoying than left lane campers. There are many other descriptive terms, such as “Fast Lane Blockers”, “Day Dream Drivers”, etc. Any way you look at it, these are the drivers who spend time in the left-hand lanes of our roads going slower than the surrounding traffic. Some online drivers ed courses teach the proper use of lanes while driving, but most do not so please pay close attention as this is one of our key driving tips.