Driving Tips and Behind The Wheel Training Online
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Driving Tip Collection

Driving Tip Library For Students

Our driving tip library includes both instructional videos and textual tips. The driving tip library can be used as a supplement to driver's ed for those starting to learn the art of driving. Driving a vehicle safely takes good instruction coupled with a lot of practice. Novice drivers should review each of these tips several times during their learning period in order to become a safe driver.

Driving Tip Library For Experienced Drivers

In addition, experienced drivers can gain skills in various areas which can result in safer driving. For example, many experienced drivers were never taught the correct way to adjust their mirrors and we have an instructional video providing the correct method. This and several of the videos from the instructional library can be used by experienced drivers to increase their skills in critical areas of vehicle operation.

Please enjoy the use of these driving tips at any time as they are provided free of charge and available for everyone to use. Our goal at igottadrive.com is to increase driver safety by providing training and technology to the driving community at large.

Of the methods to make turns while driving, utilizing the "Hand Over Hand" method is the safest and most effective. It has the big advantage of always being in control of the steering wheel while making the sharpest of turns. Most good drivers ed courses, both in-classroom and online drivers ed, teach this method as it is a cornerstone of becoming a good driver.

Here you go driving down the highway at a brisk 70 miles per hour. You're keeping your eyes on the road ahead as taught in drivers education course and have only become slightly annoyed at little compact car in front of you who won't get out of the fast lane. They still won't move to the left even though you've applied a little friend tailgating. Eventually you back off a little as your tactic is not working anyway. As you back off, a car coming from the opposite direction veers into your lane. Now what? What. Do. You. DO?