Fun Facts About Driving - Great Facts & Infographics For All Drivers
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Drivers Ed Fun Facts

There have been many changes in Driver's Ed over the years. From early "safety education" to modern research-based programs, Driver's Ed has come a long ways. Today's programs are more engaging and in many states the theory of driving is taught online. Inclusion of parents in the process has become highly encouraged as well as several hours of rigorous behind the wheel training.

The job of the driver instructor has evolved over the years to the modern instructor. All the way from "Early Man Instructor" to the future of driver's education, the driver instructor has greatly evolved. Take a journey with us through from ancient driving times to the modern era.

Some things you don't want to see in a car! Here is a collection of five things that you really don't want to see in the car next to you. And if you do see this it is worth avoiding that driver as quickly as possible.

Since the early days of driving, the Road Trip has been one of the key times for a family vacation. Pack up the family and head across the United States. There is so much to see and a road trip is the best way to take it all in.